Front-End Engineer

Who we are?

We are a passionate team of hackers, tinkerers and builders on a mission to bring financial services to the next billion Indians. The infrastructure for distribution and access of financial services in India is broken and we are fixing it one API at a time. 

What will you do at FinBox

You will work in a high growth early-stage environment with constant change and chaos. You will go shoulder to shoulder with colleagues who have previously worked at Uber, Amazon and Goldman Sachs. 

What is Front-end Engineering at FinBox

FinBox clients are enterprises who consume our products through rich dashboards. Dashboards visualize high dimensional datasets, provide intuitive feedback on client requests and continuously create client engagement. Front end engineering team is responsible for all our outward facing properties and work on improving user experience, instrumenting front end with Analytics.

Relevant Requirements:

  • 2+ years industry experience

  • Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree, preferably in CS, or equivalent experience

  • Comfortable coding in JavaScript and/or Typescript

  • Experience with modern JavaScript libraries and tooling (e.g. React)

  • Fluency in HTML, CSS, and related web technologies

  • Demonstrated knowledge of Computer Science fundamentals

  • Awareness of cross-browser compatibility issues and client-side performance considerations

  • Demonstrated design and UX sensibilities

Perks and Benefits

  • Centrally Located -  Lit office space in the heart of Koramangala - Video games and sleeping pods 

  • Fitness Credits - Complimentary Gym / Cult Membership

  • Health Cover - Medical Insurance for self and dependent family members

  • Learning Stipend- Free access to tech meet-ups, online courses and conferences

  • Gadgets - High quality Macbooks, monitors, whatever you need


Please include a links to the apps that you have developed in the past. If parts of your portfolio contain group work, please explain your role in the project.

P.S. If you have stumbled on this and think that a friend is perfect for this position, refer at We wouldn’t be able to thank you enough! And would share a very cool (and high quality) T-shirt on a successful referral conversion.

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