Your Data, Your Rules

FinBox provides technology that enables you to connect your financial data to apps and services. That can help you do things like get a loan, track personal finances, invest in financial instrument and improve your credit score.

Millions of people connect their data using FinBox every month. We respect your privacy and are committed to handling data with the utmost care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does FinBox collect Personally Identifiable Information?

Our partners never share personally identifiable information with us. For all practical purposes, our users are an anonymous entity to us. As a part of your interaction with FinTech apps, you consent them to collect & analyse data such as your bank transactions, bills, mobile device data etc to enable them to offer better financial products.

How FinBox thinks about Data Privacy?

Data privacy is paramount to FinBox. We ensure our products, processes and culture reflect that. Your data flows through our products only your after explicit and informed consent. We never share or sell your data without the authorization of our partners.

How does FinBox handle data?

At FinBox, we follow cutting-edge information security practices. Our commitment to maintaining the best in-class information security was awarded with an ISO27001 certification – one of the highest global standard for information security practice. FinBox further strengthens its data privacy initiatives by adhering to the following practices -

  1. Informed consent before initiating data collection.

  2. Our partners inform you about why they are collecting your data and what value will you get from sharing your data.

  3. Ensuring that no Personally Identifiable Information is ever collected.

  4. Giving you control of what data to share and when to stop the data sharing

Still have questions?

Reach out to our Data Privacy Officer for your concerns. Email us at