JungleConnect: Dreams to Reality 101 with Rajat Deshpande

In his podcast, JUNGLE CONNECT: DREAMS TO REALITY 101, host Samar Singla speaks to the most interesting people in business, finance, and Bitcoin. In this episode, he is joined by our Co-Founder and CEO, Rajat Deshpande for a freewheeling chat on FinTech, life lessons, and entrepreneurship.

FinBox 1.0 was a B2C personal finance management app, which analyzed information from the user’s inbox to visualize their spends. While it got thousands of organic downloads, Rajat soon realized that it didn’t form the basis of a profitable business model.

That’s when the pivot to FinBox 2.0 as it currently stands began - a B2B tooling company that allows companies to build on top of those tools.Today, the company’s Embedded Finance products are used by B2B platforms and businesses to monetize and offer seamless credit to their customers. In as little as 3-4 years, FinBox is aiming to disburse a billion dollars worth of loans.

The key lesson lies in this journey from FinBox 1.0 to 2.0 - entrepreneurs mustn't be afraid to course-correct once they realize their strengths and weaknesses. And this realization comes from a commitment to self-learning and an openness towards different perspectives.


  • Embedding credit is all about offering it in the relevant context

  • FinTech in India is still in its early days, but it could grow by 10x in the next couple of years