With ready-to-go Embedded Finance infrastructure
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Provide in-context credit to your customers seamlessly. Go live in a week.

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Your growth is our goal.

Grow your Sales

Increased Profitability

Generate New
Revenue Streams

We bring together the entire stack from credit risk assessment to disbursement to compliance and portfolio tracking in one low code platform. While you focus on your business, we focus on growing it with contextual, embedded financial services.

Customer-facing digital business

FinBox lending stack


Think of us as an almost invisible layer between a business and a financial service provider - the one with the underlying infrastructure railroads that transform a business into a digital credit enabler.

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With FinBox, you can

in-context credit offerings through a simple, yet powerful integration. Our collection of customizable mobile UI SDK and APIs comes with integration videos, sandbox, and priority support to enable go-live within a week.

how much to lend and to whom, through our proprietary risk engine, benchmarked on 16 million customers across India and trained on billions of data points for precise credit evaluation.

customized credit within minutes and at the point of demand creation to acquire new customers, increase retention, and generate new sources of revenue.

Quick and easy credit tailored to borrower needs
Deep learning-driven decision-making.

Our proprietary intelligence engine - built on billions of data points and 16 million NTC profiles.

Ensures your borrowers receive the credit they need, when they need it, and on terms that work for all parties involved.

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The possibilities are endless.

FMCG brands

Need to push more products to retailers?

Help them purchase in bulk with in-context credit.

B2B E-Commerce

Need to improve order values?

Boost average order value and reduce customer acquisition costs through tailored credit at checkout.

Retail Tech

Need to monetize your customer base?

Tap into a new revenue stream for your business by offering instant credit to your customers.


Need to offer customized credit to clients?

Boost approval rates and offer tailored credit products with alternative data underwriting.

Go live in a week with our
easy-to-integrate infrastructure.

Designed for developers

Powerful and Easy to Use APIs and SDKs

FinBox APIs are designed by engineers in collaboration with experts from financial institutions. Our focus on developer tools ensures that all the complexity is shielded from developers, enabling them to become productive quickly using our thoughtful abstractions.

Plugins and SDKs
We offer SDKs and APIs for Android, Web and rich server side libraries for multiple stacks.

Plugins and SDKs
We offer SDKs and APIs for Android, Web and rich server side libraries for multiple stacks.

We don’t just enable access to credit,We do it in a way that’s easy for everyone involved.
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