B2B credit on your platform.
With one simple integration.

Provide B2B credit to all your customers. Go live in 2 weeks!

Completely in-app experience

Merchants apply, monitor, and repay loans entirely on your platform

Fully Managed Lending Flow

Out of the box end-to-end lending flow, including the customer journey, lender partnerships, and third party integrations.

Higher Approvals

Alternate data underwriting, a diverse lender network, and a comprehensive pre-qualification suite ensure high B2B credit approval rates.

Effective Collections

Monitored in real-time to drive 50% higher collections efficiency.

Leverage credit to boost business growth

Attract new customers, improve stickiness on your platform, and increase Net Promoter Score.

Gain a competitive edge

Gain a competitive edge

Distinguish yourself from competition and increase customer loyalty

Push new products

Push new products

Access to credit enables merchants to stock up on new products and brands

Increase Average Order Value

Increase Average Order Value

Enabling credit on your platform increases the AOV, GMV and wallet share of your platform

Increased CLTV

Increased CLTV

Increased retention combined with a higher AOV improves your Customer Lifetime Value

Approve more Customers

When you offer B2B credit with FinBox, you also gain access to its superior credit risk and tech stack that allows you to approve more customers

Alternative Data Score

Our alternative data credit score helps you approve more customers including customers without credit histories

Cashflow based lending

We use data from your platform such as transaction history to creditscore your customers.

Diverse lender network

Our pan India network of lenders ensures that your customers get the best loan offers possible.

Tailored Credit Products

We provide tailored credit products such as invoice financing, credit lines and working capital loans.

Offer an end-to-end lending experience within your platform

Supercharge B2B payments to improve customer experience with credit and reduce digital discovery effort on part of the borrower through:

Instant approval and activation

Credit line is approved through a fully digital process

Loans up to INR 5 Lakhs

Credit at competitive interest rates

Ramp up credit limits

Ramp up your users credit limits with time

Flexible repayment options

Bullet or monthly installment-based repayment options with tenures

How it works?

Loan widget is embedded

Credit products are offered within your platform/app with our SDK

Users are assessed automatically

With the FinBox Risk Engine, prequalified users are shown a loan application banner

Customers apply within the app

Users seamlessly complete the entire loan journey in-app

Customers are approved

Approval for B2B credit is done in real-time within minutes of application

Loan is approved

FinBox disburses the funds

Tailor B2B credit for each customer

Flexible credit terms

Credit limit, Repayment period are tailored to suit your customer base.

Diverse credit products

Offer Buy Now Pay Later, Overdrafts, and Business Loans, for different business needs and improve the B2B payments experience


Through which relevant credit options are shown only to pre-qualified customers


How are borrowers assessed when they apply for credit?
FinBox uses device data, and data from your platform, such as transaction history, to create a financial profile of your customers and create a risk score of your customers with its alternative data underwriting suite.
What type of businesses can leverage FinBox B2B credit platform?
Businesses buying or selling from a long-tail of businesses can leverage the FinBox B2B credit platform. These include manufacturers, traders, distributors, factories, wholesalers. B2B E-Commerce platforms and retail tech platforms, such as invoicing apps, can also leverage FinBox B2B Credit.
After integration how soon can businesses avail this service?
You can go live with B2B credit and begin lending to your customers within two weeks.
What other products does FinBox offer?
FinBox offers a sophisticated risk stack that includes:
  • DeviceConnect - an in-device risk engine that assesses borrowers based on device data to generate a FinBox Inclusion Score built on 5000+ parameters
  • BankConnect - bank statement analyzer that generates an exhaustive list of predictors from bank statement data to build sophisticated underwriting models on
  • CollectX - a collection prioritization and early warning system for your digitally acquired portfolio that analyzes data in real-time to improve the recollection process
What are the B2B credit products that can be offered via the FinBox B2B credit integration?
By incorporating the FinBox B2B credit offering, businesses and platforms can offer:
  • Buy Now, Pay Later - A B2B payment option where instant credit offered at checkout that can be repaid in flexible monthly installments
  • Credit lines - Up to INR 5L at competitive interest rates
  • Overdraft - with a pre-arranged limit and on customized repayment terms
  • Invoice financing - allow businesses to borrow by providing their high-value invoices as collateral
  • Accounts receivable financing - short-term funding for businesses based on issued invoices
  • Working capital loans - that allow businesses to run their day-to-day operations or tide over a temporary setback
Why choose the FinBox B2B credit integration?
With the FinBox B2B credit integration:
  • Offer your customers credit as the best terms possible through connections with a wide lender network
  • Gain access to an end-to-end lending flow that incorporates every aspect of the lending process, from assessment to disbursal
  • Approve more customers with alternate data underwriting, a diverse lender network, and a comprehensive pre-qualification suite
  • Improve accounts receivables and cash flow management