Enable credit for all merchants on your platform with one simple integration.

Traditionally, credit is only available to top 1% of your customers. Cover all merchants on your platform with FinBox.

Higher Approvals

Combination of alternative data underwriting, a diverse lender network and pre-qualification suite ensures higher approval rates.

New Lines of Revenue

Unlocks new lines of revenue on your platform via revenue share partnerships.

Zero Risk

You will not bear any financial liability on credit losses

Fully Managed Lending

Out of the box end-to-end lending flow, including the customer journey, lender partnerships, and third party integrations.

Double your Customer Lifetime Value with credit

Offering credit in-context to your retailers will increase the stickiness of your platform, help you stand out from your competitors and increase your customer lifetime value.

Increased GMV

Increased GMV

Providing credit to your merchants enables them to do more business, increasing your platform’s wallet share and GMV.

Sell High Value SKUs

Sell High Value SKUs

Access to credit enables your merchants to improve their SKU mix and buy premium higher margin products.

Activate More Customers

Activate More Customers

Providing credit enables you to do business with more retailers.

Increased Stickiness

Increased Stickiness

Offering credit improves the stickiness of your digital platforms and strengthens your relationship with your retailers.

Approve more Customers
FinBox endeavours to approve as many of your customers as possible with its superior credit-risk and tech stack.

Alternative Data Score

Our alternative data credit score helps you approve more customers including customers without credit histories

Cashflow based lending

We use data from your platform such as transaction history to creditscore your customers.

Diverse lender network

Our pan India network of lenders ensures that your customers get the best loan offers possible.

Tailored Credit Products

We provide tailored credit products such as invoice financing, credit lines and working capital loans.

How it works?

Embed Loan Widget in your App
Embed end-to-end lending flow into your app using our UI SDK.
Prequalified Users are shown Loan Widget
Users are assessed behind the scenes. Prequalified users are shown loan application banner.
Customers Apply within the App
Customers complete the entire loan journey in your app.
Customers are approved in real-time
Customers are shown eligible loan offers and approved in real-time.
Loan is approved
FinBox manages the fund disbursal.