Credit Beyond Credit Scores: How Digital-First Lending Redefines Trust

Read the whitepaper to know how to:

  1. Make credit assessment more comprehensive
  2. Enable faster, significantly more accurate underwriting decisions
  3. Stem delinquencies with preemptive collection measures
  4. Smoothen the customer experience
White Paper Illustration
White Paper Illustration

Executive Summary

The meteoric rise of buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) transactions during the lockdown set the stage for a credit revolution. The time is ripe for a new model of credit assessment - one that goes beyond credit scores to bring thin-file borrowers into the formal financial fold.

Our whitepaper argues that credit offerings, such as BNPL, redefine trust in a lending context. These credit offerings focus on cash flow-based inputs instead of historical transactions. This brings alternative data sources into the purview of credit assessment, transforming the way credit is accessed and disbursed.