Embracing risk: How lenders can turn risk into a growth engine

Read the whitepaper to know:

  1. Why current risk assessment models inhibit profit margins
  2. How interest rates can be calibrated for risk profiles
  3. How FinBox can lift segmentation portfolios for lenders
  4. Why pricing in risk can lead to financial inclusion
White Paper Illustration
White Paper Illustration

Executive Summary

Lenders can monetize risk to offset protracted periods of muted profitability. With alternative data and advanced analytics, they can open loan books to riskier borrower cohorts, even new-to-credit customers, factoring in an exhaustive risk spectrum with dynamic interest rates.

This whitepaper makes a case for risk as a growth engine and how lenders can price risk in financial products.

The Account Aggregator framework will radically transform India’s lending space. It will allow lenders to factor in a wider dataset to determine credit worthiness. It will also assure borrowers that their data is safe and secured, and build further confidence in the ecosystem.”
Rajat Deshpande, CEO and Co-Founder of FinBox.