Lets users connect their mobile device data with financial institutions for availing tailor-made financial products

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Consent driven data access

DeviceConnect accesses customer data using clear, explicit and transparent user consent. Users can control the type of data accessed at all times.

Do More with Enriched Data

DeviceConnect enables fintech businesses to serve new-to-credit customers, build in-app engagement, provide relevant product recommendations, boost collections and reduce lending risk.

Get started in minutes

At the heart of every FinBox product is a delightful developer experience. Our intuitive and easy to integrate APIs will get you started in minutes.

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FinBox Inclusion Score

Credit score built on 5000+ financial and behavioral parameters trained on largest NTC customer base in India.

Real Time Triggers

Real-time portfolio monitoring for red flags and triggers to mitigate risk.

Privacy Aware

Secure, encrypted data at rest and in motion. We never sell customer data. Read our Privacy Policy .