Lending Infrastructure for India

Empower your customers through in-context credit offerings through a simple, yet powerful integration. The best part? You can get set up within minutes.

Embed Credit Across Use Cases

Serve diverse use-cases tailored for users on your platform. Offer personal loans or business loans, credit line products or bullet loans

HR Tech

Help your employees meet contingencies and consumption needs by providing salary advances and personal loans.

B2B E-Commerce

Empower retailers to purchase goods on credit by providing flexible repayment options.

Merchant Accounting Apps

Help small and medium sized businesses grow by providing flexible business loans.

Retail Tech

Empower your retailer network to purchase on credit and expand their business by providing flexible business loans.


Finance retailer invoices for goods purchase from distributors and enable working capital loans.


Finance fuel and vehicle maintenance of your driver partners by providing flexible loans.

Lending is Complex. We Make it Easy

To embed credit, you need to build workflows, negotiate contracts, get approvals and integrate multiple partners. FinBox brings it all together in the form of a drop-in widget. We do all the hard work so that you don’t have to.

Designed for developers
Powerful and Easy to Use
APIs and SDKs

FinBox APIs are designed by engineers in collaboration with experts from financial institutions. Our focus on developer tools ensures that all the complexity is shielded from developers, enabling them to become productive quickly using our thoughtful abstractions.

Plugins and SDKs

We offer SDKs and APIs for Android, Web and rich server side libraries for multiple stacks.

Documentation & Support

Clear documentation, integration videos and sandbox. Priority support for go-live within 1 week.

Why FinBox
A Technology Focused Approach

Faster Go-live

FinBox is the only platform that simplifies rollout of Embedded Lending by handling all compliance integrations, risk management and lender integrations. Customize & go-live in 1 week.

High Approval Rates

Our machine learning models have been trained on billions of data points and bring its benefits to each partner we work with. We ensure higher approval rates even for new-to-credit customers.

Diverse Lender Network

We partner with a large variety of lenders , covering different loan products & demographics. This lets us innovate on loan products and maximise coverage.

Highly Effective and Proven Credit Risk Stack

FinBox models have been benchmarked on more than 10 million customers across India. Our proprietary data connectors DeviceConnect and BankConnect help underwrite new to credit customers with ease.

Take a look at what our clients say about our underwriting stack.

Join the Embedded
Finance Revolution

Thousands of software platforms are leveraging embedded finance to acquire new customers, increase retention, and generate new sources of revenue.


Create deep relationships with your users by providing in-context tailor-made financial services at the point of demand creation.


Embedded Finance is unlocking a new era for vertical SaaS by opening up alternate revenue streams. The revenue per customer can increase often by 2-5x.