Mitigate risk with precise insights

Get granular insights into your digital lending operations and make strategic calls with confidence.
Analytics for credit portfolio management
How to generate insights ?

The complete arsenal for
data-driven decisions

Aggregate key metrics on a custom dashboard

Get real-time reports on key metrics; pin them on your custom dashboard for effortless tracking. Quickly discern where and why applicants get flagged, rejected, or approved. Leverage funnel-level analytics to prioritise high-converting policies in your workflow, maximising conversion, and minimising cost.

Test lending strategies in controlled environments

Move past historical data, validate strategies in live production for robust lending policies. Use Canary mode to shadow run policies and log decisions for later analysis. Employ Champion/Challenger mode to execute new strategies on a subset of users, and ptimise Challenger policies until they outperform Champion policy.

Set monitors to catch anomalies

Catch deviations from expected decision outcomes in real-time. Configure monitors to receive alerts for unusual fluctuations — whether it is with regard to approval rates, rejection rates, or completion rates. You can also set ceilings and floors for factors like loan amounts and interest rates to promptly detect policy gaps.

Streamline case management

Accelerate case resolution by accessing a centralised dashboard for manual reviews, complete with analytics and Credit Appraisal Memos (CAMs). Easily generate granular analytics to analyse the nature and causes of exceptions, and optimise workflows for higher automatic approvals.
Feature highlights

Build stronger and healthier
credit portfolios

Powerful analytics for effective decisions

Unlock powerful insights, effortlessly. Get a range of ready-to-consume analytics such as ‘top rejection reasons’. Evaluate the impact of threshold changes through backtesting, what-if analysis, and more. Easily visualise credit score distribution across user traffic for precise risk-based pricing.

Test new waters without getting your feet wet

Use the combined power of Canary and Champion/Challenger to go beyond loss minimisation to profit maximisation, while managing risk effectively. Easily test impact of new data sources and parameters on outcomes. Safely experiment with fraud, identity, and underwriting rules to achieve specific goals.
A/B testing, shadow testing, backtesting, and more
Faster growth without
additional risk

Advanced reporting

Empower teams with dynamic risk management. Easily analyse trends, discover hard boundaries, and compare policies & simulation results.

Sustainable growth

Use safe, low-risk methods such as backtesting, A/B testing, and Canary testing to scale your operations into uncharted territories.

Simplified case management

Shorten the queue by enabling more automatic approvals. Swiftly resolve cases through a unified interface, reducing backlogs.

Early warning system

Set up real-time monitors for instant alerts on deviations. Swiftly rectify risk incidents (for e.g. faulty policies gone live) with one-click rollback.
Multiple data sources
Connect your rules engine to multiple data sources
Access a diverse array of data sources to make more informed decisions, reduce delinquency, and scale operations, without compromising on quality or efficiency.
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Lending workflows without code
Create credit policies and workflows
Create and launch new credit products at incredible speed. Adapt them to evolving business goals, changing partnership priorities, and regulatory changes, in no time.
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