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Create and launch as many credit products swiftly and cost-effectively
The no-code way to create credit policies at scale
How to implement a policy?

Take the complexity out of
decision automation

Step 1

Connect data sources

Choose diverse data sources and distribute them strategically across endpoints to streamline data access, enhance workflow efficiency and reduce cost and processing time.
Step 2

Create rules and models

Craft business logic using expressions or decision tables in simple, natural language. Experiment with rules in a sandbox environment. Drag and drop policy modules to link them into a workflow.
Step 3

Run simulations

Use what-if analysis to adjust key variables and understand their potential impact on lending outcomes. Backtest to assess the performance of a lending strategy against historical data.
Step 4


Easily assign a draft policy for review. Once approved, set monitors to catch anomalies early on, and take it live on the origination channel of your choice — whether your own or your partners’.

Transform complex credit policies into neat workflows

Effortlessly create multiple policies and borrower journeys tailored to partner expectations in no time. Zero coding required! Achieve targeted objectives — maximising approvals, minimising costs, or streamlining  journeys — through cascading workflows. These workflows maintain audit trails of every loan application journey, ensuring regulatory compliance and facilitating audits.

Backtest your way to sharper decisions

Simulate your policies to see how they may have fared in the past. Apply historical data to your workflows to  evaluate the efficacy of your lending strategies, and pinpoint areas for improvement. Easily access historical data on Sentinel using simple filters that categorise users by outcomes (approved, rejected, undecided) within specified timeframes, and chosen loan programmes.
Partnership-based lending

Power up your lending game
through partnerships

Partnership-based lending poses three key operational challenges: onboarding new partners with diverse policy needs, enabling dynamic pricing adusted for different partnership terms, and limited visibility into loan programme performance across partners.
With Sentinel, you can create tailored policies for each partner and customise journey touchpoints to minimise friction and meet partner expectations. Plus, easily implement partner-level pricing, and get granular visibility on performance across partners.
Create customised credit policies that cater to partner expectations

Smarter rules and smoother

Save engineering resources

Sentinel empowers risk teams to gain autonomy from IT teams and seize full control of digital lending, thereby saving on engineering resources spent on repetitive tasks.

Scale, speed, and agility

Respond to high-risk incidents such as fraud at incredible speed. Adapt your credit policies to changing externalities, quickly. Scale your operations, efficiently.

Upsell and cross-sell

Add policy modules for real-time upselling & cross-selling, or batch process results for select users to run cost-effective campaigns — limit enhancement or card upgrades.

Enterprise-grade security

Experience seamless user authentication (SSO), and easily collaborate on policy creation and deployment (RBAC). We are SOC-2 Type II compliant.
Multiple data sources
Connect your rules engine to multiple data sources
Access a diverse array of data sources to make more informed decisions, reduce delinquency, and scale operations, without compromising on quality or efficiency.
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Policy performance for precise decisions
Advanced analytics for credit policy performance
Accelerate growth by leveraging a range of advanced analytics on Sentinel. Get workflow insights such as top four reasons for credit denial, A/B testing comparison results, Canary analysis and more.
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