More data for better decision-making

Run multiple checks without putting your borrowers through multiple checkpoints.
Business Rules Engine with ready integrations to multiple data sources
Connect multiple data sources

Data as diverse as your borrowers


FinBox Data Products

Access bureau, bank, GST, and device data; ready integrations with FinBox products.

Scorecards & Custom Data

Integrate scorecards, third-party data, or proprietary data via APIs.

Databases & Checklists

Connect government databases or negative checklists, effortlessly.

Feature Engineering

Get featurisation support for your custom parameter requirements.

Stream multiple data sources simultaneously

Incorporate multiple data sources into a single workflow and run them simultaneously. This facilitates seamless policy cascading, wherein decisioning progresses to the next data source until the desired outcome is achieved. This way you can optimise workflows for specific objectives such as maximising approvals, minimising cost, and reducing friction.

Balance risk and borrower
experience with relevant data

Better credit decisions

Access to a diverse array of data helps paint a broader and accurate picture of the borrower, thereby improving decision-making.

Wider borrower pool

Accurately underwrite new-to-credit segments with alternative data benchmarked on over 35 million NTC borrowers across India.

Fraud prevention

Leverage analytics from multiple data sources that capture various fraud types such as transactional, behavioural, and identity fraud.

Adaptive journeys

Ability to run multiple data sources simultneously allows you to build dynamic borrower journeys that meet varied partner expectations.
Lending workflows without code
Create credit policies and workflows
Create and launch new credit products at incredible speed. Adapt them to evolving business goals, changing partnership priorities, and regulatory changes, in no time.
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Policy performance for precise decisions
Advanced analytics for credit policy performance
Accelerate growth by leveraging a range of advanced analytics on Sentinel. Get workflow insights such as top four reasons for credit denial, A/B testing comparison results, Canary analyses and more.
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